Veterinary supplies for the professional VMD. has compiled references to supply resources on the web.

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Veterinarian Supplies and Manufacturers
Click on the letters below to search veterinary suppliers and manufacturers alphabetically.

Palco Labs Pulse Oximeters- Palco develops and markets medical products for the Diabetes, Pediatric, and Clinical Laboratory areas. In addition, Palco also develops and markets products for subcutaneous injection therapy, temperature-sensitive drug transport and infusion therapy.
Pall Gelman Sciences- Pall partners with our customers to search for solutions to real-world health issues. Our practical knowledge and field experience allow us to develop and improve precise technologies that lead to advancement in the laboratory and in all our lives.
Pawier Vitamin Supplements- is a World Leader in Naturally Pure Water Soluble Supplements. PAWIER® has become a household name with groomers, breeders and pet owners in general. In 1990, we introduced the industry's first specially formulated vitamin enriched water. Since that time, the PAWIER® name has become synonymous with value and high quality products.
Paws to Remember Cards- a division of STROKE OF THE HEART®, Inc., was created to help meet the communication needs of veterinarians and animal care professionals. The creators of the card line had been nurses before entering the greeting card business. Their experiences, caring for seriously ill children, have been the inspiration for many of their tender, heartfelt verses.
PetSage Pet Health Care Products and Information- PetSage offers you holistic and healthier choices for your companion animals, from diet, the foundation of health, to complementary and alternative therapies. The research time we invest in each product line and item has gained us a reputation as a knowledgeable and reliable source for holistic and natural pet care products.
PetCo- our vision is to create a fun and exciting shopping experience, online and in stores, for our customers and their pets by offering a complete selection of pet-related products and pet services, including grooming, obedience training, vaccination clinics, and photography at competitive prices with superior customer service at convenient locations.
PETsMART- we stand behind our products, our shopping experience, and the information and advice we offer because we're also pet owners. We know what it's like to worry about giving your pet everything he needs to be healthy and happy. We also know that there's nothing like clear, straight-forward information to help in the decision-making process, whether it's what kind of food to feed our kittens or what the best training techniques are for a stubborn pup.
Pfizer Animal Health- Pfizer has one of the largest animal health businesses in the world. Pfizer Animal Health sells a portfolio of more than 240 livestock and companion-animal products directly to veterinarians, livestock producers, and distributors. Many of these are innovative products that lead their market categories.
PharmaCal- has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality sanitation products developed exclusively for the Laboratory Animal Science field. Our extensive chemical research and field testing offers the professional responsible for the animal environment, products that exceed industry standards for efficacy and safety.
Pharmacia-Upjohn- Pfizer och Pharmacia blir ettPfizer har förvärvat Pharmacia och därmed kan integrationen av två mycket framgångsrika läkemedelsföretag börja. Det nya företaget heter Pfizer. Information om Pharmacias läkemedel och terapiområden kommer att finnas tillgängligt under en övergångsperiod här på Successivt kommer informationen att föras över till
PharmaScience- One of Canada's fastest growing pharmaceutical companies…A National and International player of substance…
Founded and run by pharmacists.
Pie Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound- Pie Medical is a member of the Esaote Group and has 25 years of experience in developing high quality affordable ultrasound systems targeted at women’s health care, general and family practice, as well as veterinary medicine. Esaote, part of the Bracco Group, is headquartered in Genoa, Italy.
Pipestone Veterinary Supply- is a division of the Pipestone Veterinary Clinic. The veterinary clinic is located in Southwestern Minnesota in the heart of rolling prairie, rich agricultural crop and pasture land. The agricultural focus of the area has allowed Pipestone Veterinary Clinic to become a leader in livestock production nationwide.
Plas-Labs- world leader in acrylic containment and isolation technology. Since 1967, PLAS LABS has always offered high quality research equipment. PLAS LABS is a growing company of innovative people whose talents are gathered to meet your needs.
PMI Nutrition- For over one hundred years, Purina Mills has been the leader in the area of animal science and nutrition. Our strong sense of responsibility to animals and their owners is reflected in the unconditional quality of our feeds, backed by years of extensive research in the area of animal nutrition.
Pocono Rabbit Farm & Laboratory, Inc.- Specializing in Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production in Rabbits, Chickens, Guinea Pigs, Goats, Sheep, Rats, and Mice. Cell Surface Receptor (ex. GPCR) Antibody Production
B-Cell RNA Isolation for Phage Display Antibody Production
Precision Weighing Balances- Precision, the leading supplier of balances and scales on the World Wide Web invites you to tour our website.  Discover our in depth specification tables offering the information you need for selecting the correct weighing instruments for your applications.
Priya Chemicals- is the largest manufacturer of Amino Acids & Amino Acids based products for use in the field of Nutraceuticals, Agriculture, Veterinary, Poultry & Aquaculture.
Proctor & Gamble- Check out the latest from our product developers, and see how they are working to simplify your life.
ProcureNet- is the premier provider of integrated supply chain management services for the e-procurement requirements of Business to Government (B2G) markets. ProcureNet has been delivering products and services to the US Government for more than 25 years and currently holds multiple major federal procurement contracts.
Professional Embryo Transfer Supply, Inc.- PETS supplies Embryologists around the world with most of the products that are needed to superovulate (mostly cows), fertilize, flush and transfer animal embryos. Our goal is to supply the highest quality products we can find or manufacture. We have been the leading supply company to the embryo market for all of our years of existence.
ProVet- ProVet takes pride in offering a full-line of products to the licensed veterinary professional. Our goal is to provide you with the right products to make your job easier, more satisfying and more profitable.
Purebred Company Dog & Cat Food- Purebred's commitment to creating uncompromising quality and attention to detail makes it the finest pet food in the world. For this reason, people who desire superior nutrition for their pet select Purebred.
Purina Pet Care Center- Nestlé Purina PetCare Company is a leader in the pet products industry, dedicated to improving the lives of cats and dogs through quality nutrition and care. Core philosophies include promoting responsible pet care, humane education, community involvement, and the positive bond between people and their pets.
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