Veterinary supplies for the professional VMD. has compiled references to supply resources on the web.

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Veterinarian Supplies and Manufacturers
Click on the letters below to search veterinary suppliers and manufacturers alphabetically.

Eastern Veterinary Blood Bank (EVBB)- The mission of the Eastern Veterinary Blood Bank is to provide a humane source of the highest quality veterinary blood products, along with the guidance and education necessary to insure our products are used to the maximum benefit of the patient.
Eastman Kodak Co. X-Ray Film and Processors- intelligent imaging choices from film to digital designed for the medical radiology professional.
ECACC - European Collection of Animal Cell Cultures- established in 1984, is a strategic business unit within CAMR and provider of high quality cell cultures and associated services to industry and the academic research community.
Edstrom Industries, Inc.- We design products that save time and labor.  Founded in 1969 to sell automated watering systems for small animals, Edstrom Industries was soon designing sophisticated systems for animal research facilities.  Today our product line includes water purification systems, vivarium management software and hardware, and preventive maintenance service.
Elanco Animal Health- As a global leader in animal health products, Elanco invests the sum of its knowledge and resources each day in developing new ways to keep animals healthy-and that means a safe,
wholesome and abundant food supply
for a growing world.
Elantec Med, Inc.- Elantec med, Inc. is a small business, woman owned, privately held, Colorado corporation. It has been in business since 1989. The company is engaged in product development for itself and for others on contract, is a manufacturer, and is a drug delivery system research and development company. It's products are sold domestically and internationally.
Ellman International, Inc.- has earned its reputation in the Dental, Medical and Veterinary fields as a growing, innovative company with unique, high quality products.Dentists, Physicians and Veterinarians worldwide have relied on ellman international, inc. as the innovator and manufacturer of quality products since 1959. These products are designed, developed and manufactured in our Hewlett, New York production facility.
Endocrine Technologies, Inc.- Endocrine Technologies' Equi-Check equine pregnancy test kit is simple, accurate, fast and easy. There is no special equipment or training necessary to use this product. Just simply add a few drops of serum/plasma to the test kit and wait 2 minutes for results. Equi-Check is accurate, detecting eCG, a hormone only released by pregnant mares. It does not recognize eLH, improving accuracy. The credit-card sized test is easy to store and comes with all reagents and controls - no need for additional equipment or solutions. 
Endoscopy Support Services, Inc.- Providing the Medical & Veterinary Community with New & Used Endoscopic equipment, repair and sales at a great value.  View our inventory of flexible and rigid endoscopes for both medical & veterinary use such as gastro-intestinal (G.I.) endoscopy, arthroscopy, laparoscopy, otoscopy, colonoscopy, rhinoscopy, cystoscopy, and more.  We have a large selection of endoscopic accessories such as forceps & graspers, trocars, light sources, video capture systems, medical monitors, insufflators, suction pumps, as well as a series of other endoscopic accessories.  We're also the official distributor of Richard Wolf veterinary endoscopes in the United States.
Engler Engineering Scalers & Polishers- Welcome to Engler Engineering Corporation's On-Line catalog. All of our quality products may be purchased directly from our on-line store.
Equi-Dent Technologies, Inc.- Is the first company to specialize in the development of motorized equine dental instruments and continuing education programs. Owned by a practicing veterinarian who designs instruments and uses them on a daily basis, EDT's primary goal is to provide practitioners with safe, efficient, state- of-the-art, motorized instruments, hand instruments and accessories.
Some of the info and links within relate to the topic of pet/animal health. The contents of are for informational purposes only. Information found on is in no way intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. does not offer veterinary advice. Any inquiries directed to seeking veterinary advice will not be answered. CLICK HERE for a short listing of sites for veterinarian online diagnosis which in no way are affiliated with