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New Distance Course In Companion Animal Behavior And Welfare
Scotland's Edinburgh University has announced a new distance learning course for people who want to gain a better understanding of their furry or feathered family members.

Vacationing Pets and Owners Driving Demand for Travel-Friendly Pet Products and Services
This summer travel season, more pets will hit the road with their owners than ever before. According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) more than 15 million Americans travel with their pet each year.

Vet Association Updates Stance On Welfare Issues
A taskforce formed by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has redefined the Association's official positions on a set of key animal welfare issues, which include animal abuse, convenience euthanasia, declawing, devocalization and ear cropping/tail docking.

New MA In Teaching Has Humane Education Focus
The HSUSís Humane Society University (HSU) is taking humane education to the next level - the graduate level, that is.

'Guardianship' Replacing 'Ownership'
Children are not pieces of property - they are not 'owned.' Animals are not pieces of property, either.

Kitten Survives Brutal Attack
A stray kitten was thrown out of a car in Fairmont, North Carolina, after being set on fire with a fireplace lighter by a group of teenagers on December 17.

Give A Humane-Themed Gift, Not A Live Pet
This holiday season, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is offering toys and games for children as fun, educational alternatives to the gift of a live animal. more>>

NJ Dog Survives Euthanization And Trash Compaction
In early December a five-year-old female shepherd-lab mix was discovered - still alive - in the midst of the garbage in a garbage truck as it was being emptied into the Edgeboro landfill in East Brunswick. amazing story >>

L.A. Story: The Happy Tail Of Shilo
The Quinns of Culver City, CA, were planning to get a dog, but adopting a new family member would have to wait until they returned from their scheduled vacation. more >>

A 'Tail' of Hope and Survival
When I looked into the puppy's eyes that Saturday, I had no idea he would turn out to be not only a miracle, but a hero. continued >>

Missing Dog Finds His Way Home... After 6 Years
The Flores family of Wichita, Kansas received an early Christmas present this year when their beloved dog Bear, who had disappeared in November of 1997, made it back home in time for Thanksgiving in 2003. read on >>

Dog Keeps Owner Alive Through Week-Long Ordeal
A faithful and highly resourceful dog named Libby recently saved the life of her human companion after he became trapped in his bathtub. more>>

Co-Op Buying Program Launched For Animal Shelters
Pet Savers Foundation has entered into an agreement with several companies to provide discount prices on their products to humane organizations who have signed up for the Pet Savers Co-op buying program. continued >>

A Near Cat-astrophe
One morning, staff members of a veterinary clinic in Orlando, FL, were surprised to find a beer cooler outside their door. When they opened the lid, they discovered a small, frightened kitten, infested with parasites and so thin that every rib was showing. His little nose was bare from trying to push his way out of his prison. read on >>

Fat Dogs And Englishmen Go Out To Swim
A former First Division footballer has opened a hydrotherapy spa in England for dogs in need of exercise. more >>

Goldie's Last Years Were Golden
Heidi Willie was surfing when she noticed a courtesy post on the pet list of Meriden Humane Society, where she volunteers. The post was for a senior female bulldog/boxer mix, Goldie, who had been abandoned by her owners, and it was marked 'Urgent'. continued >>

Ed Boks Takes Over At NYC Animal Care And Control
Edward Boks, from Maricopa County, Arizona, is the new executive director of New York City Animal Care and Control (NYCAC&C), a non-profit agency which also handles animal control for New York City. read on >>

Petnapping On The Rise In England
Cold-blooded criminals are stealing pets from prosperous homes across England and demanding large ransoms to guarantee their safe return. more >>

Man Saves Fish With Kiss of Life
A quick-thinking former ambulance driver from Belgium recently saved the life of his pet koi fish by giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. continued >>

DOGFRIENDLY.COM ANNOUNCES ITS U.S. AND CANADA DOG TRAVEL GUIDE PAPERBACK BOOK NOW AVAILABLE- ( ), one of the most popular Internet providers of dog travel information, announces an exciting addition to its travel guide product line. more info>>
Dog waste frequently releases Toxocara worm eggs into the ground, where the eggs remain for long periods of time. be informed>>
NEW, ECONOMICAL PROTECTION IS NOW AVAIABLE: FOR PETS WHILE OUTSIDE THEIR HOME, APARTMENT or CAMPSITE- Pet Playpens, come in four sizes to fit the individual needs of pet owners. They come with easy to follow instructions. All parts are included for easy assembly and disassembly. learn more>>
Today's Pets Take To The Streets In Style.- What was once just for "Hollywood Jet Setters", donning Fifi and Fido in trendy, high fashion clothing and accessories is now considered ‘en vogue’ worldwide. read on>>
Bazar, Inc., launches a new search-term based web directory and search engine for pet supplies.- has created the first search-term-based pet directory and web search. check it out>>

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