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Information, health related topics, and links for swine (pig) breeders and caretakers.

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Hog Cholera - An article on Hog Cholera.
Al Larson Distributing, Inc. - Offering products and services for hog manure odor control and reduction.
Antwi Farms - Providing various free research papers on swine diseases and regular updates.
Peak Swine Genetics Inc. - On going, extensive meat quality studies. Providing technical support; working with leading professionals in all aspects of swine production and nutrition. (Alberta, Canada)
PigCHAMP Records Service - Software to analyze swine herd data.
PigHealth.com - Provides information on Pig Health, Swine Diseases, Hog Welfare and Pork Safety. Has nearly 1000 articles and links on the subject matter and has a comprehensive book shop on pig topics.
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