A pets health is a priority for most owners. Here at we understand the concerns, and continually work to bring informative and fresh information on health risks and problems for the loved ones in the pet owners life.

Is your dog getting up more slowly? Does your dog have trouble climbing stairs? Is your dog stiff or sore?

Flea and Parasite Medications
Advantage, Advantix, Program, Frontline,Sentinel, Heartguard, Interceptor, and Revolution. What do these medications actually do besides kill fleas?, How do they do it?, and What is the efficacy of each product? has collected all the info for you, the pet owner, to make an educated decision for your pet.
(always consult your vet)
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What is a parasite?
A parasite is a plant or an animal that lives on or inside another living organism (host). A parasite is dependent on its host and obtains some benefit, such as survival, usually at the host's expense.
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Canine Arthritis Leads to Business
It was an idea that developed out of sympathy and a desire to make an old dog comfortable in her elder years – easy-reach raised pet bowls. Now, Mike and Chris Schaefer of St. Jacobs have turned the concept into an emerging business, known as Creature Comfort. learn how to care for your aging pet >>

Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season
The BC SPCA reminds animal guardians to take special care to keep their pets healthy and happy during the upcoming holiday season.
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Natural Joint Relief For Pets
Unique Bee Venom product offers natural joint and pain relief for Dogs, Cats & Horses Pet owners now have a Natural alternative to joint relief for the pets. Developed in New Zealand and used by thousands of satisfied pet owners, Natura Joint Relief is a unique blend of bee venom, fish oil and honey.
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Tips for Cold Weather Care of your Pet
As we prepare our homes and our cars for cold days, we should also pay special attention to our pets. Below are some tips for "winterizing" Fluffy and Fido. These tips are provided by the veterinarians at Colorado State University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
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Spay Female Cats in late Fall to Prevent Spring (and Summer) Litters
If you have a female cat born this year, you may be surprised by her litter of kittens as early as February.
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FINALLY, Your Cat Can File Its Own Claws!!!
New Products from Phantom Pets, Inc offers an alternative to either clipping or de-clawing indoor Cats. We offer all cat owners an innovative solution to “trimming and dulling” of their cats’ claws.
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The Anxiety Wrap now available in pet stores
The Anxiety Wrap is expanding to pet stores such as, and The product helps dogs stay calm during thunderstorms and relieves other kinds of stress.
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ASPCA & the AVMA offer safety tips for pet owners during mosquito spraying to prevent spread of West Nile virus
As more cases of West Nile virus-associated illness have been diagnosed in people and horses, communities have taken steps to prevent spread of the virus. Mosquito control is the most effective means of preventing spread of the West Nile virus and many communities are including spray application of pesticides in their control programs.
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