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Is your dog getting up more slowly? Does your dog have trouble climbing stairs? Is your dog stiff or sore?

FINALLY, Your Cat Can File Its Own Claws!!!

New Products from Phantom Pets, Inc offers an alternative to either clipping or de-clawing indoor Cats. We offer all cat owners an innovative solution to “trimming and dulling” of their cats’ claws.

Bellevue, Washington, Phantom Pet, Inc. has launched its patented line of cat scratchers, and scratching posts. These will be available for retail sale in late fall of 2003 at prices comparable to traditional scratching posts throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

The Feline MAGIC-Filer™ is a simple is a simple, safe and effective scratching alternative for cats of all shapes and sizes. Unlike other cardboard scratches, Feline MAGIC-Filer™ is made from recycled corrugated cardboard, layered with abrasive filing sheets that dull the sharp tips of a cat's claws and gently massages the paws.

The trimming or dulling can be enhanced even further as the depth of the corrugated cardboard is decreased down to about 1⁄4 inch, when a cat’s claws may easily extend through the corrugated bundle to contact the abrasive surface disposed below. The optimal depth of the corrugated cardboard may vary with the size of the cat and the length and size of its claws. Included with each cardboard filing system, is a packet of certified organic catnip, which will further the interest of cats. With a recommended retail price of $5.95, MAGIC-Filer™ provides value to cat owners while generating significantly higher ring and profit margins for retailers.

For cat owners who own more than one cat, our new DELUXE Magic Filer would be ideal. With new features such as the Flap Guards, which prevents debris from falling outside when cat scratches, Replaceable Pads Feature, which allows customers to save money in the long run, E-Z Lock tab that secure scratcher to wall with a paper pin or a tack, and One-Inch Deep channels to keep debris in while replacing the pad. Phantom Pet Inc. is a pet product manufacturer based in Bellevue, Washington.

Phantom Pet Inc. strives to be the leading manufacturer of innovative products that include a complete line of cat furniture, trees, and scratching posts. It is the goal of Phantom Pet Inc. to satisfy the needs of its consumers and their pets.

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