Information, health related topics, and links for equine (horse) breeders and caretakers.

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Equibus Horse Classifieds and Stallion Directory -Equibus specializes in Equine Athletes. SELLERS: Free text ads, multiple photo option, "click and print" Distribution Flyers, great Customer Service. BUYERS: User-friendly, fast, relevant searches. Global scope.
Nutritech International AS -(Sweden) supplies bulk raw materials, semi-finished and finished products including equine supplement chew bars to manufacturers, retailers, marketers and individuals working within the equine trade through several countries. Activated Barley is NTI'S patented organic high energy grain supplement feed that has been proven time and time again showing excellent results with European show, jump, racing and recreation horses to be beneficial to the physical health and balance of the horse.
American Association of Equine Practitioners - The official website of the AAEP, offering information on the organization, calendar of events, horse health links, vet directory, chats and forums with vets, and educational partners. Login required.
Animal Magic Thermographic Diagnostics - Offers thermal imaging service to detect inflammation and injuries in horses and performance animals. United Kingdom.
Care For My Horse - Articles and links about horse care: dealing with injuries, preventive care, equine nutrition, and equipment.
Dalmar Equine Safety Products - Manufacturers of carbon fibre tendon boots. Details of range and ordering information. Ireland.
Equine Centre, University of Melbourne - Practical horse health information including colic, laminitis, reproduction and breeding, nutrition, and diseases.
Equine Health Articles - Articles written by Dr. Jim Hamilton DMV, Randy Sublett, F. Thomas Breningstall, and Ray K. Miller Jr.covering veterinary subjects and farriery.
Equine Myofunctional Therapists Association - Professional and caring therapies for all muscle related problems of the horse.
Fair Winds Farm - Offers equine lay-up and horse rehabilitation facilities in San Diego County.
Freedom Spot On for horses - Permethrin fly repellent for horses applied every two weeks. How to use and product specifications.
Good Enough Farms - Good Enough Farms is dedicated to providing therapy to horses through a unique combination of traditional and non-traditional methods.
High Performance Barefoot Horses - Introduction and information on natural hoofcare. Learn how to have a lifetime of soundness by barefooting your horses. Clinic and seminar schedules.
Horse Health and Lameness - Specializing in health and lameness issues for ex-racehorses. Please visit the discussion forum for guidance, tips, and support.
Horse Health Products - Horse Health Manufacturer, product listings and information.
The Horse Weigh platform - U.K.based manufacturers of horse weigh platform, with digital read out units, suitable for trainers, studs and veterinary practices. Information on the importance of weight, prices, and distribution details.
The Horseman's Advisor - Helping horse owners answer their equine health and training questions. Information and forums.
If Your Horse Could Talk - Information about natural horse care through knowledge, with webcasts, articles, info and links. Topics include feeding, environments, natural hoof and dental care, and alternative therapies.
Institute of Barefoot Equine Management - Promoting barefoot horse management. Holistic horse health and management information.
Interstate Equine and Canine Swim Center - Hydrotherapy swimming for horses and dogs. Unique to the area of Maryland.
Leverton - Mouth care and skin care, bandaging, hot and cold therapy, dressings and first aid.
Mane and Tail Magazine - An online publication which carries Horse Management and Health Articles by the veterinarians of the University of Georgia.
Pigeon Fever in Texas - Provides photographs and information about treating Pigeon Fever in horses.
Poisonous Plants - Purdue University explains the symptoms and the effects of poisoning by a wide range of plants. A comprehensive database seachable by various criteria, includes pictures of plants, symptoms of poisoning and species affected.
Rivas' Remedies - Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS treats people and animals for all health conditions. Dealers listed.
Sports Horse Medicine - Applying equine sports medicine to enhance performance and prevent injury and disease in horses.
TheHorse.com - Articles from The Horse Magazine, a monthly publication providing news and information on the equine health, care, welfare, and management.
Your Horse's Health - An advisory site for the horse owner provided by Bayer and including health care articles, links to national equine vet directory and other horse industries in the US.
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