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The Dog Days of Summer are a Great Time to Do Your Doody (and scoop it!)
Civic Doody, an Olathe based Pooper Scooper Service, takes the hassle out of picking up after pets to promote cleaner and healthier yards for dog and pet owner alike.

OLATHE, KS (PRWEB) JULY 30, 2003 - When it comes to picking up where dogs left off, local pooper scooper service Civic Doody will never tuck tail and run. When the heat has got dog owners too pooped to scoop, Civic Doody answers the call.

"We handle the unpleasant end of dog ownership because we're the can-doo doody crew!" Pat Friedl, the company's cofounder said. Civic Doody is an Olathe based pooper scooper company that services the Kansas City Metore area, and one of many such companies in the fairly new industry of pet waste dispoal.

"Picking up after your pet is an important part of doing your 'civic duty' - pun intended", Pat says. Not many people know that dog waste can promote pests, parasites, and ground water pollution. Regular pickup is a good way to ensure that you and your pet enjoy as healthy an environment as possible. For as little as $10 a week, Civic Doody's service includes a visit to the client's house where they scoop all the dog waste, then double bag it for removal. "We're very careful about disinfecting all our tools after each visit to keep the spread of parasites in check." Pat says.

The Friedls say that their business can benefit many people. Seniors, as well as people requiring service or assistance dogs may not be able to clean up after their pet the way they'd like to. For this reason, Civic Doody offers discounted rates for seniors and those with assistance dogs. "We also offer discounts for people that participate in the Wayside Waifs program", Pat said. Commercial properties may also benefit from their services since Civic Doody offers one time or weekly cleanup rates for commercial properties or apartment complexes.
One Civic Doody client in Belton, MO was extremely happy that Civic Doody offered scooping services and discounts. "She was fostering 4 dogs for Wayside Waifs in a relatively small yard." Pat said. "You can imagine that she was happy when we showed up!" Another client has also enjoyed Civic Doody's services. With some medical problems reducing her mobility, Civic Doody was able to keep her yard clean and let her enjoy her pet instead of worrying about cleanup.

It may not be the most glamorous job, but it has it's perks. "You get to work outside, and set your hours" Pat says. "It's also nice to see how much our clients appreciate the work." So for Kansas City dog owners who hate picking up where their pet left off, Civic Doody answers the call - and that's the straight poop!
About Civic Doody

Civic Doody was started in December 2002. A family owned business, Civic Doody is run by Pat Friedl and his wife Tammy, Mike and Andrew Friedl.

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