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Is your dog getting up more slowly? Does your dog have trouble climbing stairs? Is your dog stiff or sore?

The Anxiety Wrap is expanding to pet stores such as, and The product helps dogs stay calm during thunderstorms and relieves other kinds of stress.

HUNTINGTON, INDIANA (PRWEB) August, 2003 – The Anxiety Wraptm, patent pending, is expanding distribution to on-line pet stores such as,, and, in addition to stand-alone pet stores in Florida, Michigan, New Mexico, and Delaware. Made of a stretchable fabric the animal wears, its number one usage is to help dogs stay calm during thunderstorms.
The Anxiety Wrap can also help animals under stress become calm whether that stress is demonstrated through fearful, anxious, or hyperactive behavior. The new product was launched late 2001 and has been growing steadily with first quarter 2003 sales up 400 percent versus last year.

“I believe the reason for the growth is that this product addresses a widespread problem that did not have easy-to-use or effective treatment option,” explains Susan Sharpe, veteran dog trainer and inventor of The Anxiety Wrap. “Thunderstorm fear is a problem that the entire family experiences along with the dog as it’s painful for the family to see their dog suffer during a storm.

Also many storms occur in the middle of the night and we hear many stories about people being woken up by their dog that is frantic and inconsolable.” The most common treatment available prior to The Anxiety Wrap was a prescribed medication available through veterinarians. This drug must be administered at exactly the right time before a storm occurs, which is difficult to do, given the unpredictability of storms.

The Anxiety Wrap applies gentle Maintained Pressure across a wide area of the body which is a technique used in humans for years. “The snug fit of The Anxiety Wrap applies a light, gentle pressure that is maintained regardless of the animal’s activity,” explains Shereen Farber, Ph.D., OTR, FAOTA, and author of “Neurorehabilitation, A Multisensory Approach” (WB Saunders Co. Philadelphia, 1982). “In theory, this maintained pressure affects the sensory receptors that communicate with the brain and nervous system. The Anxiety Wrap provides input that is even, rhythmic, and repetitive, producing a calming of mind and body.”

The Anxiety Wrap is currently being used by veterinarians, animal behaviorists, trainers, chiropractors, groomers, Tellington Touch practitioners, and acupressurists. Cornell University is currently developing a controlled research study and Dr. Barbara Simpson, a renowned expert on thunderstorm phobia in dogs, mentioned The Anxiety Wrap as a new way to treat thunderstorm fear at the American Veterinary Medical Association’s convention in 2002.

Susan has teamed up with fellow Tellington Touch Practitioner Kimberly Ring who brings 18 years of world-class advertising and public relations agency experience. The Anxiety Wrap is trademarked and patent-pending and is owned by Animals Plus LLC.
This product works best as a tool used in conjunction with gentle training methods and is not a substitute for proper veterinary care or exercise. Susan Sharpe is a registered member in good standing with APDT. She is currently the only certified Tellington Touch Practitioner in Indiana. She lives with her family and 3 dogs and many cats in Indiana.
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Debi Davis ,Trainer Of The 1999 Service Dog Of The Year, describes her use of
The Anxiety Wrap:

“I used the wrap on my thunder phobic boy last night, and instead of crawling up my legs on the walk, he walked next to me, with much more confidence, even though it was thundering to beat the band.”
Ellinor Schmitz and Daisy:

“Daisy is much happier since we got her Anxiety Wrap for her. She will even do agility with a thunderstorm in the background. This was unthinkable before. Thank you so much! Of course, Angelica Steinker, M.Ed., C.C.B.C., CPDT NADOI, owner of the Courteous Canine Dog School and Doggie Gym, had this great idea for me to try the Anxiety Wrap and it worked!”
Woody and Jeannie Dyar, North Carolina

“Well, Susan, we did everything wrong and it still worked! We received the wrap about two weeks ago, but had no thunderstorms (or rain ) and were negligent about getting ourselves and Dan introduced to the product....But the Southeast, this weekend, received the remnants of a hurricane complete with 6 inches of rain and thunder. The first thunder had sounded by the time we had the wrap out and were reading desperately as Dan ran thru the house shaking. We took him into a small room and put it on him as we comforted him and adjusted it. Within 15 mins. he had stopped shaking and panting. Within 30 mins. he was lying on the ottoman at my feet still wearing the wrap. It stopped thundering but continued raining and I removed it. He was fine. Before, he was so conditioned to fear storms that he began shaking and panting even before the thunder or rain appeared...sometimes he just sensed a storm and it never came and he was still fearful. The wrap works for Dan and we are grateful”

Mary Guy, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, B.S., Loyola Univ. M.S.Ed. Educations Administration and Supervision, Michigan
“What a great invention! I have used your anxiety wrap in my work as a dog trainer and in dealing with reactive dogs and cats and thunderstorm anxiety. The most noticeable case was that of an older, arthritic Malamute named Blaize. One session of Tellington Touch and the Anxiety Wrap and Blaize completely stopped reacting to storms. She also has been able to ride in the car without pacing. You've given this 13-year old girl a new lease on life.”
Julie Hoffman, Greenwood, Indiana

“Maggie, our normally playful and exuberant Husky mix, developed a severe fear of thunder-storms. For reasons we don't understand, the anxiety generalized to the point where she was even afraid to come upstairs to our bedroom at night. I saw a recommendation for the Anxiety Wrap on an AOL message board. The results have been nothing short of amazing! Using the Wrap, following Susan's advice, and coordinating the "re-conditioning" process through Susan's continued e-mail support got us through the initial crisis and have given me my old Maggie back.

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