A pets health is a priority for most owners. Here at we understand the concerns, and continually work to bring informative and fresh information on health risks and problems for the loved ones in the pet owners life.

Is your dog getting up more slowly? Does your dog have trouble climbing stairs? Is your dog stiff or sore?

Employers can now help protect the entire family with new 2-in-1 lifesaving pet tags.

Denver, Colorado, July 24th, 2002 - PetDex(TM) introduces an inexpensive employee benefit for companies that want to show their employees they care about the entire family. For as little as 8 cents per ID, employers can purchase FasTrac pet IDs to give to their employees or customers. Being the only pet tag in the world to feature both a national lost pet hotline and the Animal Poison Hotline(TM), every pet should wear one of these lifesaving IDs.

The FasTrac(TM) Pet Tracking System uses a durable pet ID featuring a unique serial number and a national lost pet hotline combined with convenient online pet registration. Pets are then registered free of charge at with a comprehensive online PetProfile that includes up to 10 owner contact phone numbers and emergency medical information.

"...You guys (FasTrac) are great! They (the people that found Jester) stated that they called you and five minutes later, I called them and went and retrieved Jester. Your service has gotten me back two of my animals in the past week. You better bet that all of my animals have your pet id tags on their collars!"Thanks again, Lisa-Marie Q., Mesa, AZ.

The Animal Poison Hotline (APH), sponsored by NSAL America and PROSAR, is the nation's only private 24/7 call center staffed by veterinary and toxicology professionals. The toll-free number is 888-232-8870.

Linda Holt of Haymarket, VA, had a bit of a scare when she gave her 20-pound cat, Caesar, her dog's medication, Elavil, an anti-depressant, by accident. "Caesar had a urinary tract infection and I got the pills mixed up by accident," she says. "I immediately called my vet who suggested that I call the Animal Poison Hotline. APH took down my information and told me to take the cat to the vet. They called ahead to the vet, explained the problem and they were able to take Caesar right away." After having his stomach pumped, Caesar was fine. &quote;I can't say enough about North Shore Animal League America and APH," Holt says. "My cat is alive because of this wonderful service they provide."

Today pet owners can order a FasTrac pet ID with the APH number on one side for quick and convenient reference in the event of an emergency. Which will help to ensure that a lost pet is returned home as quickly as possible. FasTrac is a complement to microchip technology and is available to all pet owners that visit PetDex.

Dr. Lynn Hovda, director of veterinary toxicology at the Animal Poison Hotline, says that when it comes to animals ingesting poison, it's often a matter of minutes between life and death. "If you discover that your pet has ingested something toxic and you are not sure what to do, it is imperative that you call your veterinarian as soon as possible," Dr. Hovda - The Pet Care Yellow Pages(TM) - offers a comprehensive pet care service and product directory online and for handheld and wireless devices. Including local pet care services like emergency veterinary clinics, groomers, pet sitters and retailers. Also listing specialized services such as pet friendly lodging, housing and employers.

Animal Poison Hotline - is a service of North Shore Animal League America and PROSAR International Animal Poison Center. APH is staffed 24-hours a day with licensed veterinary professionals as well as experts in toxicology and pharmacology. Currently, they provide care to more than 35,000 animals per year whose owners call APH for help regarding exposures to toxic substances.

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