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New MA In Teaching Has Humane Education Focus

The HSUSís Humane Society University (HSU) is taking humane education to the next level - the graduate level, that is.

In partnership with Webster University and the National Association for Humane and Environmental Education (The HSUSís youth education affiliate), HSU is now offering a Master of Arts in Teaching, with a character development and humane education focus.

The fully accredited degree program will be conducted completely online and will train students in creating, implementing, and evaluating educational programs that emphasize character development and respect for animals and nature.

Courses will be taught by the education faculty of Webster University in St. Louis, selected by US News and World Report as one of Americaís best colleges in 2003.

Although humane education was introduced to American children on a wide scale in the late nineteenth century, it has never become institutionalized within the framework of our education system.

"Part of the problem," says HSUís Traci Ojanguren, "has been a lack of courses in colleges of education designed to train teachers in the theory and practice of humane education. We think our new Masterís of Teaching program will go a long way toward making humane education a more integral part of schooling in the United States."

The timing for the new program couldnít be better, since interest in teaching good character in schools is at an all-time high.

"Because humane education and character education strive to teach the same basic principles ó kindness, respect, responsibility, good citizenship ó weíre confident the program will generate great interest among teachers," says Ojanguren.

"After all, what better way to teach good character than by focusing on a topic children love ó animals!"

The Master of Arts in Teaching program will have rolling admissions. The next semester start dates are January 9th and March 12th.

More information can be obtained by contacting Traci Ojanguren at (302) 258-3004 or, or visit and click on "Academic Programs."

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