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Seal Rock, Oregon _ Pets look to their owners for protection. Pet Playpens are the new, economical, safe and convenient way to protect kittens, cats, puppies and small to medium size dogs while they are outdoors enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. While pets are outdoors, Pet Playpens offer pet owners piece of mind by protecting their pets from unfriendly animals and preventing them from wandering off and getting lost.

Pet owners have long sought a solution to the problem of how to let their pets enjoy the benefits of being outdoors while eliminating the risks of them being run over by cars or trucks or from being attacked by other animals or from wandering off and getting lost or from being picked up by strangers. Pet Playpens, designed by Providence Co., NW with the pet owner and their pets in mind, are the solution to this age old problem. Existing pet pens, while offering protection, are usually very expensive. They are made of heavy steel materials making them very difficult to handle and transport. They are also permanently constructed making them difficult to store. Pet Playpens, on the other hand, are designed to eliminate the problems associated with the heavy steel pens while offering comparable protection. Pet Playpens are inexpensive, about one half to one quarter of the price of most steel pens. They are made of sturdy, long lasting, lightweight plastic materials making them more convenient to use and easy to handle. Pet Playpens can be assembled and disassembled in minutes for easy storage and transport. This is especially important for RVers and campers.

Pet Playpens, come in four sizes to fit the individual needs of pet owners. They come with easy to follow instructions. All parts are included for easy assembly and disassembly. Optional accessories are available for pet owner’s convenience and to add to the pets comfort and safety. Pet Playpens and accessories are available for purchase at

Pet owners have long been searching for a more economical and convenient way to protect their pets while they are outdoors enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. The new Pet Playpens from Providence House Co., NW now available at is the answer to their search.

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