Veterinary supplies for the professional VMD. has compiled references to supply resources on the web.

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Veterinarian Supplies and Manufacturers
Click on the letters below to search veterinary suppliers and manufacturers alphabetically.

Mallinckrodt- Tyco Healthcare/Mallinckrodt, based in St. Louis, Missouri, manufactures and markets medical products. Our mission is to improve healthcare for patients worldwide by providing superior products that sustain breathing, diagnose disease and relieve pain.
Mateflex-Mele Corporation Flooring- the fastest, easiest and most versatile flooring solutions. Whether it's major sports facility, factory/commercial floor or almost anywhere in your home, we're the number one choice for the job.
MDS Matrx Veterinary Equipment- Since 1964 more veterinary professionals and universities throughout the world have placed their trust in anesthesia technology pioneered by Fraser Sweatman and now found exclusively in every Matrx anesthesia machine.
Medelex, Inc. Imaging Products- provides replacement image intensifier systems, CCD and tube type cameras for medical and industrial OEM equipment that meet, or in most cases exceed, manufacturer specifications.
MedRx, Inc. Video Scopes- offers innovative products for the Medical and Veterinary markets.  Our staff of dedicated professionals is at your service.  We welcome your comments so please feel free to contact our general mailbox or me directly.
MedSafe Veterinary Safety Program- Total Compliance Solutions, Inc. (TCS) is the nation's premier provider of outsourced on-site and internet based ASP accreditation and regulatory compliance programs exclusively for healthcare.
Merritt Naturals- is a family-owned business. Frank and Joan Holden have been in the vitamin and food industry for over 20 years. Their love for their Golden Retrievers led them to the creation of Merritt Naturals™, Animal Essentials.
Miller Veterinary Supply- our mission to be the partner of the practicing veterinarian by enabling him or her to benefit from the highest quality service and products; responding to their needs; respecting their time, energy and resources; keeping our costs to a minimum so that our prices can remain reasonable; and providing overall high value for each dollar spent with us.
MillPledge Human and Veterinary Healthcare- have been veterinary suppliers to the UK veterinary market for over 18 years constantly expanding an innovative range which now extends to over 400 product lines from bandaging and dressings through to neutraceuticals and pharmaceutical products.
Misonix Inc. Hoods & Ultrasonic Cleaners- has been at the forefront of ultrasonic technology and is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of ultrasonic medical devices. In addition, Misonix designs, develops, manufactures, and markets scientific and industrial ultrasonic equipment, laboratory safety equipment and air pollution control products.
Monsanto- is a leading provider of agricultural products and integrated solutions for farmers. We make Roundup, the world’s best-selling herbicide, and other herbicides. We produce leading seed brands, including DEKALB® and Asgrow®, and we provide farmers and other seed companies with biotechnology traits for insect protection and herbicide tolerance.
Moregate Exports Animal Sera & Proteins- Moregate Exports is Australasia's foremost producer of high quality animal sera and proteins for Pharmaceutical, Industrial, and Research use.
MWI Veterinary Supply Co.- is backed by knowledgeable, skilled salesforce. Many of the area sales representatives have been employed in the animal health care industry for over fifteen years while a majority of the telemarketing staff has worked in animal clinics as Animal Health Technicians. Plus, the area sales representatives tend to reside in their own territories to insure effective communication and timely sales calls.
Some of the info and links within relate to the topic of pet/animal health. The contents of are for informational purposes only. Information found on is in no way intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. does not offer veterinary advice. Any inquiries directed to seeking veterinary advice will not be answered. CLICK HERE for a short listing of sites for veterinarian online diagnosis which in no way are affiliated with