Veterinarian associations references for the professional. has compiled contacts to veterinary associations on the web.

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Veterinarian Associations and Organizations
Click on the letters below to search veterinary associations and organizations alphabetically.

Scand-LAS - The Scandinavian Federation for Laboratory Animal Science- was founded in 1970. Today the Society has around 385 members, mainly from the Nordic and the Baltic countries. Membership is open to everyone working within the field of laboratory animal science.
SCAW - Scientists' Center for Animal Welfare- The Scientists Center for Animal Welfare (SCAW) is a non-profit educational association of individuals and institutions whose mission is to promote the best practices of humane care, use, and management of animals involved in research, testing or education in laboratory, agricultural, wildlife or other settings.
SCIVAC - Societā Culturale Italiana Veterinari per Animali da Compagnia- La Società, costituita a Milano il 31 ottobre 1984 dai Soci Fondatori Maurizio Cornelli, Luciano Costigliolo, Ernesto Fiore, Gianenrico Odazzi, Claudio Peruccio, Stefano Pizzirani, Mauro Ricagno, Donella Tristi, Aldo Vezzoni, Edoardo Vitali e Mario Zunino, "è un'organizzazione non commerciale che persegue finalità scientifiche e culturali" (art. 3 dello Statuto Societario). Le attività ed i programmi della SCIVAC sono coordinati da un Consiglio di 7 membri.
SDB - Society for Developmental Biology- The purpose of the Society for Developmental Biology is to further the study of development in all organisms and at all levels, to represent and promote communication among students of development, and to promote the field of developmental biology.
SETAC - Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry- The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) is an independent, nonprofit professional society that provides a forum for individuals and institutions engaged in Study of environmental issues, Management and conservation of natural resources, Environmental education, and Environmental research and development.
SFBR - Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research- was founded in 1941 as a nonprofit scientific institution by Mr. Tom Slick, a Texas philanthropist. Although the trust indenture provided for activities in almost any field of research, its trustees adopted the policy that the institution would devote itself exclusively to basic biomedical research. The Foundation had a small staff in 1947, and received its first grant from the National Institutes of Health in 1952. In 1959, it occupied a new site with buildings supported by private gifts and an NIH research facilities grant. Numerous facilities have been added subsequently with the aid of an NIH research facilities grant in 1966 and many gifts from private donors.
SFT - Society for Theriogenology- The Society for Theriogenology is dedicated to furthering advances in the science and practice of animal reproduction.  Our members are veterinarians and veterinary students with a special interest in the reproduction of all domestic species.  To learn more about Theriogenology and the Society.
SGM - Society for General Microbiology- The SGM provides a common meeting ground for scientists working in research and in fields with applications in microbiology, including medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmaceuticals, numerous industries, agriculture, food, the environment and education. The majority of members are employees of universities, research institutes, health services, government agencies and small to multinational companies.
SICB - Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology- The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) is one of the largest and most prestigious professional associations of its kind. Formed through a 1902 merger of two societies, the Central Naturalists and the American Morphological Society, its focus has remained to integrate the many fields of specialization which occur in the broad field of biology.
SIDI - Italian Association of Equine Practitioners- Visitando il sito web potete trovare una vasta gamma di informazioni nonchè la programmazione di corsi, seminari e convegni che la SIDI organizza con frequenza ogni anno.
SIVB - Society for In Vitro Biology- The Society for In Vitro Biology (SIVB) was founded in 1946 as the Tissue Culture Association to foster exchange of knowledge of in vitro biology of cells, tissues and organs from both plant and animals (including humans). The focus is on biological research, development, and applications of significance to science and society.
SIVELP - Sindacato Italiano Veterinari Liberi Professionisti- Il Sindacato Italiano Veterinari Liberi Professionisti rappresenta ed ha rappresentato in questi anni la voce della categoria libera, difendendo gli interessi di tutti i professionisti, non solo di una parte. Iscrivendoti al SIVeLP potrai condividere il progetto per uno sviluppo reale della categoria.
SMM - Society of Marine Mammalogists- The Society for Marine Mammalogy was founded at San Francisco, California, U.S.A., on December 15, 1981, and incorporated as a non-profit entity under United States law on September 21, 1982, at San Francisco, California, U.S.A. Objectives.1.  Evaluate and promote the educational, scientific and managerial advancement of marine mammal science.2.  Gather and disseminate to members of the Society, the public and public and private institutions, scientific, technical and management information through publications and meetings. 3.  Provide scientific information, as required, on matters related to the conservation and management of marine mammal resources.
SOP - Society of Protozoologists- We are a large group of researchers from all over the world who share one thing: protists as our research organisms. For many of us, this has turned into a passion for the most lively specks of protoplasm on this planet.
SOT - Society of Toxicology- is a professional and scholarly organization of scientists from academic institutions, government, and industry representing the great variety of professionals who practice toxicology in the U.S. and abroad.
SPVS - Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons- The Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons exists to provide advice and information to veterinary surgeons and others actively involved in the management of veterinary practices. The Society does not provide clinical advice or services to members of the public, who are advised to direct their queries to their own veterinary surgeon.
SSR - Society for the Study of Reproduction- The Society is an association of scientists and physicians interested in research in reproduction. Some members are engaged in basic or applied research, while others perform clinical practice. All are dedicated to advancing knowledge of reproductive processes in animals and in humans.
STP - Society of Toxicologic Pathologists- is a non-profit association of pathologists and other scientists whose principal aim is the advancement of pathology as it pertains to changes elicited by pharmacological, chemical and environmental agents, and factors that modify these responses. This mission is accomplished through the Society’s publications; national and local conferences, meetings and workshops; and through support of teaching. initiatives in cooperation with educational institutions.
STVM - Society for Tropical Veterinary Medicine- was first founded as the American Society for Tropical Veterinary Medicine in 1973. At the biennial meeting in 1993 in Guadeloupe the name of the Society was changed to the Society for Tropical Veterinary Medicine to reflect its international character. In May 1995 the first meeting was held in San Jose, Costa Rica, under the new name.The aim of the STVM is to promote the international advancement of tropical veterinary medicine, hygiene and related disciplines. Individuals with interests in any phase of tropical veterinary medicine are encouraged to apply for membership. The Society meets every two years in different locations.
SVA - Statens Veterinärmedicinska Anstalt (Swedish National Veterinary Institute)- is a Swedish Government organisation that strives to promote animal health by preventing, diagnosing and controlling infectious diseases among animals in Sweden. SVA also works to preserve human health and our environment.
SVME - Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics- was founded in 1994 by a group of veterinarians, biome dical researchers, and academics to promote discussion and debate about ethical issues arising in and relevant to veterinary practice. The Society presently has approximately 160 members, including veterinary school deans, officers of the AVMA and state veterinary medical associations, board-certified laboratory animal medicine specialists, biomedical scientists, officers of humane societies, clinical veterinary practitioners, members of veterinary school and university faculties, and veterinary-oriented students. The SVME publishes a newsletter, holds a plenary meeting with lectures and discussions at the AVMA annual convention, distributes information regarding recent publications relevant to veterinary ethics, and actively seeks to increase and elevate the level of discussion of issues in veterinary ethics. Although most members of the SVME are veterinarians, membership is not limited to veterinarians.
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