Veterinarian associations references for the professional. has compiled contacts to veterinary associations on the web.

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Veterinarian Associations and Organizations
Click on the letters below to search veterinary associations and organizations alphabetically.

Lepidopterists' Society- The Lepidopterists' Society was the idea of Charles L. Remington and Harry K. Clench when they were both students in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In March 1947, they mailed a letter to many lepidopterists of their acquaintance announcing the organization of an association to "promote the scientifically sound and progressive study of Lepidoptera by: (1) distributing a periodical on Lepidoptera; (2) facilitating the exchange of specimens and ideas by both the professional worker and the interested amateur in the field." The association was proposed to be called the Lepidopterists' Union, but the word "Society" was soon substituted for "Union."


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