Veterinarian resources with the professional in mind. has compiled contacts to veterinary resources on the web.

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Animal Health and Disease resources for the professional veterinarian on the internet.
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All the Virology on the WWW (Tulane University)- eeks to be the best single site for Virology information on the Internet. We have collected all the virology related Web sites that might be of interest to our fellow virologists, and others interested in learning more about viruses.
AltVetMed- with the intended purpose to provide sound, basic information on complementary and alternative therapies in veterinary medicine.
Animal Acupuncture Academy- ...."because knowledge should be shared...globally"....
Animal Chiropractic And Holistic Health Forum- This site contains information about animal chiropractic for dogs, horses, and cats.  There also a book on pet loss from a spiritual holistic perspective.  You will also find informative pages about animal holistic and natural health, animal massage, natural pet health, saddle fit and other articles of interest to pet owners.
Animal Diseases (Karolinska Institute)- is one of Europe's largest medical universities. It is also Sweden´s largest centre for medical training and research, accounting for 30 per cent of the medical training and 40 per cent of the medical academic research that is conducted nationwide.
Aquaculture Health Page- Aquatic animal disease Information website.
AVMA Care for Pets- Improving Animal and Human Health, Advancing the Veterinary Medical Profession.
Brakke Consulting, Inc.- is the most experienced management consulting firm serving the worldwide animal health and nutrition, pet product, and specialty chemical industries and the veterinary profession.
Cornell University Poisonous Plants Page- This is a growing reference that includes plant images, pictures of affected animals and presentations concerning the botany, chemistry, toxicology, diagnosis and prevention of poisoning of animals by plants and other natural flora (fungi, etc.).
Ehrlichiosis - A Silent and Deadly Killer- The purpose of this document is to help dog owners as well as their veterinarians become aware and learn more about a dreaded and deadly killer that is claiming the lives of dogs in all 50 states.
EpiVetNet- The purpose of this website is to provide a repository of information related to veterinary epidemiology in addition to the electronic mailing list EpiVet-L. 
Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (Clara K. Fenger, DVM, PhD, DACVIM)- up to date information about equine protozoal myeloencephalitis, or EPM, a disease that has captured the interest of the horse industry in recent years.
Equine Strangles Information Page- Strangles is very contagious, especially with foals, spreading easily from horse to horse and often leading to large outbreaks with many horses affected. It is spread in the discharges (pus) from the nose and burst abscesses. Objects such as water troughs, feed buckets, brushes, reins and other equipment, if contaminated with infected pus, can also spread the disease. Recovered horses can spread the disease for up to eight months, even though they can appear clinically healthy and normal.
Equine Tetanus Information Page- Tetanus occurs when a wound becomes infected with bacterial spores of Clostridium tetani. These spores germinate, multiply and produce a very powerful poison which affects the muscles. Some cases of tetanus occur from wounds that are so small they are not noticed.
EXtension TOXicology NETwork- Information in these topic areas primarily has been developed by toxicologists and chemists within the Extension Service of the land-grant universities listed below. A major goal has been to develop unbiased information in a form understandable by the non-expert, and to make that information fully searchable and selectively retrievable.
Lyme Disease Network- a non-profit foundation dedicated to public education of the prevention and treatment of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. On the Internet since 1994.
Malaria Database (WHO)- THIS IS AN INFORMATION RESOURCE for scientists working in malaria research. It contains a wide variety of information ranging from sequences to conference news. The information is freely available to any interested parties.
Microinjection Workshop- This website is an online resource for those interested in murine transgenesis. Within this site you will find information pertaining to research and techniques employed in the field of transgenics, including both DNA microinjection and embryonic stem cell injection.
Natural Holistic Pet Care- This site provides details on holistic care for animals including Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Phone Consultations, Referrals and related information. Dr Larry Bernstein is a holistic veterinarian ready to help you care for your animal companions in a natural way. He is trained in both veterinary and human homeopathy and has treated cases throughout the world for over a decade.
Picornavirus Home Page (Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright Laboratory)- picornavirus, enterovirus, rhinovirus, cardiovirus, aphthovirus, and other virus resources.
Zoonosis Web Page- A zoonosis is a disease that humans may acquire from animals. For every cute, cuddly (non-human) creature out there, there is something horrible that you can potentially catch from it.

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Some of the info and links within relate to the topic of pet/animal health. The contents of are for informational purposes only. Information found on is in no way intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. does not offer veterinary advice. Any inquiries directed to seeking veterinary advice will not be answered. CLICK HERE for a short listing of sites for veterinarian online diagnosis which in no way are affiliated with