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Veterinary Computer Software and Database resources for the professional veterinarian on the internet.
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Advanced Technology Corporation VetStar- Committed to Excellence in Veterinary Hospital and Laboratory Information Systems.
Advanced Veterinary Services / Ranch Vision- Ranch Vision creates a computer simulation of real or hypothetical ranches & tracks them into the future! 
Advanced Veterinary Systems- We're offering this Prescription Management Service because we are committed to providing our clients with the latest and most effective care and services available. We welcome your comments and suggestions, so let us know what you think during your next visit to our clinic!
AgNIC Animal Science Page- is a voluntary alliance of the National Agricultural Library (NAL), land-grant universities and other agricultural organizations, in cooperation with citizen groups and government agencies. AgNIC focuses on providing agricultural information in electronic format over the World Wide Web via the Internet.
Allcare Health Management System- is a Virginia Corporation and the owner of two US Intellectual Property Patents in the Health Information Technology Field.
ANGIS - Australian National Genomic Information Service (University of Sydney)- is a service which has been available to subscribers for over 11 years (Origins of ANGIS). It offers a comprehensive system of software, databases, documentation, training and support for biologists. ANGIS is currently located on the University of Sydney campus, but will move in late 2002 to new offices in the Medical Foundation Building (information coming soon).
Britton's Wise Computers Practice Management Software- We have developed the most efficient means to manage your veterinary practice, using our Animal Hospital Management System.  After browsing our website, visit our web-present Clients to learn more.  We also invite you to visit our marketing partner down under, Vetsone Software !
Business Data Systems Ltd Veterinary Computer Systems- Managed and run by a team that includes qualified veterinary nurses, experienced practice managers and dedicated I.T. experts, our objective is to provide solutions for your all practice's I.T. needs, however large or small your veterinary practice.
Carcinogenic Potency Database Project- is a widely used resource on the results of chronic, long-term animal cancer tests. It provides a single, standardized and easily accessible database that includes sufficient information on each experiment to permit investigations into many research areas of carcinogenesis.
Cardiophone Veterinary Electrocardiography- Cardiophone is a fast second opinion cardiology service which makes use of an ECG and medical history transmitted by phone or fax.
Complete Clinic Software- COMPLETE(tm) CLINIC 2000 is a practical clinic management system for managing veterinary clinics. Network or single user versions are available for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000.
CONSULTANT Computer Diagnostic Support System (Cornell University)- A Diagnostic Support System for Veterinary Medicine.
DVM Manager Veterinary Practice Management Software- has been providing practice management solutions to the veterinary profession since 1983.  More than 3000 practitioners in the United States and Canada use our products on a daily basis.  DVM Manager long ago established itself as the technological leader in the market-place by creating intuitive products that meet and exceed the needs of practicing veterinarians.
EndNote Bibliographic Software- a division of Thomson ISI®, is part of the growing family of global integrated information and solutions companies of the Thomson Corporation. ISI ResearchSoft and ISI develop and market scholarly information and software products serving millions of customers in the research community worldwide. For over twenty years, the mission of ISI ResearchSoft has been to advance the research, writing and publishing experience.
FishVet, Inc.- Our new Hobby-Vet software deals with all kinds of tropical fish diseases and is excellent in finding answers to treat freshwater aquarium fish including those hard to treat Beta fish diseases, Angel Fish diseases and about 125 others. The software also answers questions about nutritional disorders, and water quality problems.
GCS - General Computer Systems, Inc.- GCS' mission is to offer the highest level of business analysis and IT work expertise that will allow your organization to leverage the latest technology to increase your bottom line, all while focusing on a long-term strategic relationship.
Impromed, Inc. Veterinary Practice Management Software- "We are in business to help veterinary professionals reach their goals," says Ron Detjen, President of ImproMed. "Moving in the direction of a paperless practice is a priority for many practice owners. The wireless Infinity Tablet helps put 'going paperless' within reach of most practices."
ITEC Remote Veterinary Consultants- founded in 1991, invented and pioneered the telemedicine industry for veterinarians. No organization has trained more veterinarians to do ultrasound than RemoteVet®.
Japan Animal Genome Database- is a joint project of National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (NIAS) and Institute of the Society for Techno-innovation of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (STAFF-Institute), under cooperation with other related research institutes.
Martindales's Reference Desk Calculators Online- International Art, Business, Science & Technology
NTM Consulting Services, Inc. Sirius Software- is the leading provider of software solutions for managing IACUC and Animal Research Facility information, business processes and compliance.  Our products have been successfully implemented at 8 of the top 10 largest research universities, major pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and top federal government facilities.
NuSoft Technologies Veterinarians- Veterinary Software for todays clinic..."When productivity is important and simplicity counts"
PAWS Veterinary Practice Management Software- Our mission is to help the veterinary small business owner resolve business related problems so that revenues and profits are increased, losses are reduced, and the general operation of the business flows more smoothly. To this end, we offer our own software package which we use as a tool to meet your objectives.
PhenomSoft, Inc. Software Creations- If you are a full-blown veterinary clinic or a consortium of related clinics, this is the veterinary management product for you.
Project VetMedia (Free University of Berlin)- Wir vom VetMedia Team sind angetreten, um die Neuen Medien Multimedia und Internet in die tiermedizinische Ausbildung einzuführen
Rx Works- Are you looking for ways to improve practice efficiency, generate more business, increase your profits and make your life a whole lot easier. Yes. Then RxWorks is the veterinary software solution for you. It is the ideal vet software package for Companion Animal, Mixed Animal, Equine and Referral practices.
RxList - The Internet Drug Index- is owned and operated by RxList LLC a California limited liability company located in San Francisco. RxList was founded and is maintained by Neil Sandow, Pharm.D. a licensed California Pharmacist with twenty + years of experience in retail and institutional pharmacy and twelve years as a Director of Pharmacy for several Bay Area hospitals. Dr. Sandow has been publishing on the Internet since 1994.
DVMax Veterinary Practice Management Software- has been at the forefront of Veterinary Practice Management Software since 1987. Our first product, DVMax Practice, has enabled thousands of users to effectively manage the daily operations of their practices. As a result, veterinary staff have been able to focus more time on health and well-being of animals that visit their practices. Over the past year, DVMax has added a new product to their lineup: DVMax Research. This robust product focuses on the veterinary record keeping needs of animal research facilities.
SNOMED International- is based on the premise that a detailed and specific nomenclature is essential to accurately reflect, in computer readable format, the complexity and diversity of information found in a patient record. The design ensures clarity of meaning, consistency in aggregation and ease of messaging.
Somat Coporation Data Acquisition Systems & Data Analysis Software- Go where you want. Get what you need. SoMat makes it easy with a full range of modular data acquisition systems that are rugged, reliable and extremely portable. SoMat systems have proved their value under extreme conditions, from rough off-road terrain to the harsh environment of space. If you can build it, we have the system to test it.
SysWare Healthcare Systems, Inc- is a leading Healthcare information system solution provider. We design, develop and support PowerLAB, a fully integrated Laboratory Information System (LIS) suite.
PowerLAB is a revolutionary, next-generation LIS that empowers reference, hospital and public health labs to achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency.
Texas Medical Informatics, Inc.- located in College Station, Texas is a industry leader in clinical decision support and electronic medical reference systems for veterinary and human medicine.
V/BOSS - Veterinary Business Office Software System (CRT Systems, Inc.)- V/BOSS is currently the leading Practice Management Software available for Veterinarians.
VETECH Software Services, Inc.- has been serving the veterinary industry since 1982. From large to small, we have been installing turn-key computer systems in veterinary hospitals, mobile clinics and specialty stores. Let Vetech assist you in automating your practice or upgrading your current system.
Veterinary Software Publishing, Inc. ClienTrax Veterinary Practice Manager- Give your clients accurate, concise, professionally written handouts that discuss the medical, surgical, and behavioral problems of their animals.
Vet's Pet Software- The veterinary and kennel industries are now 100% of our focus at Vet's Pet. We serve no other industry; we sell no other packages. We plan to be in this business well into the next century. It is our sincere hope that you will join our ranks and grow with us.
Vetsone Software- is a Veterinary owned software company supplying the Veterinary profession in Australia and beyond since 1989. Our software supports the use of the GST/VAT model(eg Australia, UK, NZ, Canada) or the Sales Tax model(eg USA). This should enable almost any English speaking Veterinary user to be able to utilise this system.
VMDB - Veterinary Medical Database (Purdue University SVM)- has been located at Purdue University since 1988. With time, 26 universities have submitted more than 6 million records into this data base. Of course, these hospital records are a compendium of all the cases that the universities see, not just the cancer cases This makes VMDB a valuable resource for finding incidences of thousand of animal diseases, problems and procedures.

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