Advantage for dogs and cats,K9 advantix, Heartguard, Drontal de-wormer, and Frontline. Direct information for you and your pet on the most popular flea and consumer available pet meds.

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Simple First Aid For Pets
Sulfodene® is Best Selling Dermatological for More than 40 Years

PHOENIX, Ariz. - (March 21, 2003) Ever have an itch that just won't stop, no matter how much you scratch? Well, if it's happening with cats and dogs it could be a sign of a problem. Excessive scratching could be an indication of fleas, ticks, allergies, dermatitis or an open wound. Beyond the initial problem causing your pet to itch, nonstop scratching may cause further irritation and possibly open the site, making it susceptible to infection.

Farnam Pet Products recently acquired Sulfodene® skin medications, the leading over-the-counter treatment and relief for pet skin ailments.

  • SulfodeneHC® Anti-Itch Lotion for dogs and cats is a powerful, yet safe, medication that helps stop itching fast and speed healing. The lotion starts working instantly to penetrate under the skin, stop the itch and start the healing.
  • Sulfodene® Skin Medication for Dogs is specifically for dog skin problems and is the only FDA approved over-the-counter aid in the treatment of hot spots. Plus, it's first aid for scrapes and abrasions.
  • Sulfodene® Medicated Shampoo & Conditioner for Dogs contains two veterinarian-recommended itch fighting active ingredients, and all while moisturizing, cleaning and deodorizing the skin and coat. Sulfodene also contains an antibacterial to help prevent infection.

One of the most common canine medical problems seen by veterinarians is skin related, such as rashes and hot spots. Some dogs will continue to dig and scratch until they really damage their own skin. Does your dog experience itching so intense that it rubs, scratches and bites incessantly? That may be may be a sign of hot spots . Other signs include hair loss, redness, scaling and secondary infection.

A hot spot starts because something irritates the dog's skin. The dog's response is to scratch the affected area causing the skin to become raw and often infected. Many things can lead to these hot spots including food and airborne allergens, ticks, fleas and other insect bites, and contact allergens like grass. The best way to avoid hot spots is prevention. Keep fleas and ticks off your dog. Groom and bathe your dog as necessary to keep the hair and coat in good condition. Keep nails trimmed and limit sources of irritation to the best of your ability. However, if treatment is needed, a leading brand of dermatological products for dogs is available at pet, grocery and drug stores, making relief minutes away in most cases.

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