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Nutritech International launchs Equine Supplement Chew Bars

Nutritech International AS (Sweden) www.nutritechint.com , Is launching it's activated barley Equine daily supplement chew bars  and daily rejuvenation supplement " Aktiv Equine".  Activated Barley is NTI'S patented organic high energy barley supplement feed that has been proven time and time again showing excellent results with European show, jump, racing and recreation horses to be beneficial to the physical health and balance of the horse.
Activated Barley Can be given as a regular daily supplement  (only 20 grams per day/dose is  required) with rejuvenating benefits typically seen within 3-5 days of use. Helps  the horses temperament as well as energizing and balancing the overall muscle energy/mineral levels (ATP levels). Very high levels of enzymes and B-glucan with considerable omega 3 & 6 content accompanied with  a full complimenting profile of electrolyte and vitamins.
Profiles Available: Powder or Flakes have excellent taste/texture profiles, are ready digestible and very gentle on the digestive system.

Formats: Available in bulk, semi-finished and finished as to customer requirements.

Uses: For young , mature and aging  female and male horses.

North American Inquiries: Stefan Fox, Dir. NA Business Development. stephan.fox@sympatico.ca  Tel: 514 484-9606

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